Medsociate Sdn Bhd
19-2, Jalan Vervea 12, Vervea,
Bandar Cassia, 14110
Penang, Malaysia.

​Hotline: +6010 4040 662

Our vision is to be the best training and management service provider in the medical device industry.

Our mission is to build the talent pipeline in the medical device industry.

Our story started in October 2011 with the appointment of
Medsociate Sdn Bhd as the Authorised Secretariat and Training Provider for the Association of Malaysian Medical Industries (AMMI).

We are honoured to be appointed by Promise of integrity as its official secretariat. Promise of Integrity is an alliance of companies started in 2016 to focus on upholding the highest standards of ethics and integrity within the business community.

Medsociate Sdn Bhd has been approved by the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) Malaysia as a Registered Training Provider. 

We provide management expertise

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