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Upcoming Medical Device Training Courses

2 April 2024: Effective Root Cause Analysis

This training provides the learner with a basic understanding of the principles and techniques of effective Root Cause Analysis and provided concepts needed to effectively perform investigations.

17-18 April 2024: ISO13485:2016 Quality Management System

Participants will be introduced to the concepts required to understand, implement and maintain an ISO 13485 2016 medical device quality management system (QMS) and knowledge on the utilisation of mandatory requirements within an ISO 13485 2016 compliant QMS for the one or more stages of a medical device life-cycle.

22-23 April 2024: Risk Management for Medical Devices

This training aims to provide participants with a clear understanding and insight into the new EN ISO 14971:2019+A11:2021 requirements. 

24-25 April 2024: ISO13485:2016 Internal Audit

This training is designed for participants who are new and also those seeking to enhance their auditing skill as it intends to produce a pool of internal auditors with the necessary skill and knowledge to conduct effective internal audits.

7-8 May 2024: NCR/CAPA/ Complaint Handling

This course introduces the concepts needed to understand the requirements of NCR, CAPA & Complaint Handling under ISO 13485:2016 QMS and US FDA Quality System Regulation (21 CFR Part 820). It also provides guidance on how to effectively address each of it with step-by-step process and root cause analysis with problem-solving tools.

14 May 2024: 6S for Visual Workplace

This course provides a comprehensive understanding of 6S principles. Upon completing this course, delegates will possess an advanced understanding of 6S principles, enabling them to create safer work environments while optimising processes.

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